Head of Transport Network Planning


Job responsibilities

• Coordinate the resource reserve and franchise of regional franchisees, lead the related matters of service provider access review, formulate and implement regional franchise policies.

• In the case of business needs, build a transportation and delivery network in France and the Greater Paris area from 0 to 1.

• Be responsible for the service experience provided by the service providers in the cities under their jurisdiction, improve the operation quality (cost and timeliness) of service providers and transport networks, and be responsible for the growth and development management of regional franchisees and networks.

• Combined with the business situation and regional environment, be responsible for the evaluation and review of special policies in the region, and summarize them, give reasonable opinions and suggestions on network construction and franchise, and coordinate regional business risk warning and response work.

• Responsible for the collection and analysis of information on peers and competitors, and formulate policies such as distribution fees and subsidies for terminals and transportation in light of the current operating conditions in the region.

Job requirements

• Have more than 3 years of working experience in logistics operations and have experience in terminal delivery and transportation management.

• Can work in Chinese, French and English.

• Familiar with the operation mode of logistics service providers and landing distribution companies in France, especially in the Greater Paris area.

• Have regional management experience, be able to coordinate point-like scattered areas, mobilize regional resources, and promote operational plans.

• Be good at communication, coordination and organization, have the ability to independently promote projects, and be able to organize market staff to promote business.

What we offer

• Rapid developing company with listing potential, one of the top leaders in the market;

• A youthful, dynamic and highly engaged workplace based on a culture of respect and excellence;

• Competitive Salary Package;

• Visa sponsorship possibilities, bonus, pension, etc.;

• High localized team with flexible, harmonious and ambitious atmosphere;

• Festival gifts & team building activities.

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