Logistics Product Specialist


Job responsibilities

• Collaborate seamlessly across departments to develop, maintain, and optimize cross-border logistics products.

• Manage high-complexity projects that require coordination and collaboration with international stakeholders across European countries.

• Conduct in-depth market research to understand market trends, customer preferences, and competitive landscapes.

• Gather insights from customers and sales teams to comprehend their product requirements and preferences.

• Develop innovative product iteration strategies based on market demands and customer feedback.

• Proactively identify operational challenges, risks, and opportunities, providing timely solutions and improvements.

• Lead the development, maintenance, and optimization of cross-border logistics products tailored for European markets.

• Drive continuous improvement efforts by analyzing product performance data and customer feedback.

Job requirements

• Bachelor degree or above, preferred in Supply Chain Management or other related majors.

• 1-3 years of working experience in supply chain or logistics.

• Able to communicate and work in Chinese, English, and Dutch is preferred.

• Good communication ability, fast learner and can work under pressure.

What we offer

• Rapid developing company with listing potential, one of the top leaders in the market;

• A youthful, dynamic and highly engaged workplace based on a culture of respect and excellence;

• Competitive Salary Package;

• Visa sponsorship possibilities, bonus, pension, etc.;

• High localized team with flexible, harmonious and ambitious atmosphere;

• Festival gifts & team building activities.

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