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Returns Services

Trust in our hassle-free return solutions for domestic and cross-border shipments. Our global reach enables your customers to return parcels direct to our logistics hubs, where we can inspect and reshelve returned stock or send it back to your U.S. warehouses. It’s cost-effective for you and convenient for your customers.


With our dedicated support, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the logistics.

All-in-one returns management

Enjoy a comprehensive, smooth and efficient return experience. We handle reclamation, repackaging, restocking, and reassignment. Your customers simply print labels, stick on parcels, and drop off at the nearest service desk.


Responsive value-added services

Tailor returns handling to your unique needs. We provide returns management, including API integration to monitor processes and acquire photos, eco-friendly disposal to minimize waste, and reshipment to recover revenue.


Efficient processing

Receive prompt responses to customer returns requests. We conduct thorough quality inspections at local logistics hubs, and products in good condition are reshelved for sale, allowing you to quickly action refunds and exchanges.


End-to-end traceability

Track return parcels from point of shipment to point of delivery. Our hassle-free returns process provides complete visibility and control over the return shipment, ensuring a smooth and transparent process for all parties.

What our clients say

CIRRO E-Commerce_Vib M testimonial

Vib Mathur

Supply chain executive

Apparel and 3PL industry

“My experience with CIRRO E-Commerce was excellent. The team is easy to work with, extremely knowledgeable, and highly responsive. We were able to reduce our spend by 20% while gaining 2 days’ time in transit with the solution they built for us. We took advantage of their reporting access for billing data, as well as tracking API and it was easily integrated into our system which allowed the visibility we required.”

Apparel industry
CIRRO E-Commerce Simon_testimonial


VP Business Development
at HyperSKU

“Over 90% of our volume is shipped with them as they are the best in the market by offering data transparency, speed of delivery, and active after-sales support. Luckily for us, CIRRO E-Commerce is more than just a supplier. They are also a trusted partner with whom we organize joint customer meet-ups and events.”

E-Commerce retailer

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Vincent D’Amato

Head of Sales
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