September 11, 2023

Prepare for holiday peak season 2023 in e-commerce logistics

The peak season is the prime time for both brick-and-motor and online retail, driven by events like holidays and special promotions. We’re already more than halfway through 2023, and with Cyber week fast approaching, the push for readiness of e-commerce logistics is here and now!

A peek at e-commerce peak shipping season

Halloween – October 31, 2023

Halloween has fully embraced the online shift, rebounding to pre-pandemic levels, with an expected total spending of $10.6 billion in 2022. The leading expense categories are costumes ($3.6 billion), candy ($3.1 billion), decorations ($3.4 billion), and greeting cards ($0.6 billion). For Generation Zers, costume ideas are more sourced from costume shops, pop culture, Instagram, and TikTok.

Thanksgiving – November 23, 2023

The Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend is a tradition for many American families. On Thanksgiving Day alone, U.S. shoppers spent $5.3 billion online, with mobile shopping accounting for 55% of these online sales.

Back Friday and Cyber Monday – November 24, 2023 and November 27, 2023

Black Friday marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and stands as the busiest time for global retailers. In 2022, despite inflation, U.S. online retail spending hit a record-breaking $9.2 billion. Notable items include electronics, smart home products, audio gear, and toys.

Cyber Monday is the top shopping day of the season. Americans spent $11.3 billion online in 2022, 25% more than this year’s Black Friday. Popular categories are sporting goods (up 466%), appliances (up 458%), books (up 439%), and jewelry (up 410%).

Cyber Week 2022 E-Commerce Sales

Free shipping Day – December 14, 2023

Continuing its growth since 2008, this annual event gains momentum due to its commitment to ensuring that merchandise arrives before Christmas.

Christmas – December 24, 25, 2023

The average annual expenditure on Christmas by U.S. shoppers is around $1,000. They are interested in purchasing toys, apparel, and gift cards as Christmas gifts.

Challenges in peak season e-commerce logistics

  • Limited infrastructure and logistical support: The scarcity of available facility space and inadequate infrastructure can contribute to delays and security concerns.
  • Surge in order volume: High order volume means too many parcels to handle, leading to an increased incidence of error and lower operating efficiency.
  • Manage customer expectations: The holiday season amplifies customer expectations. Any disruptions in the order and delivery process have the potential to influence both customer loyalty and brand reputation significantly.

CIRRO E-Commerce: Your navigator through peak season

The power of scalable infrastructure – With a strategically positioned network of nine logistics hubs spanning North America, CIRRO E-Commerce has effectively eliminated capacity constraints. This expansive network facilitates efficient processing and optimal lead times, guaranteeing that each order is swiftly processed and delivered to customers. By leveraging this comprehensive network, we can confidently manage surges in demand without compromising on quality.

Seamlessly integrated last-mile delivery – During peak season demands, the ability of the last-mile carrier network affects customer satisfaction. CIRRO E-Commerce’s unified API integration with multiple carriers seamlessly blends together the strengths of various best-in-class last-mile delivery providers. By doing so, we can maximize the chances of last-mile timeliness.

A legacy of peak season preparation – CIRRO E-Commerce has legacy of peak season preparation. Leveraging its enriched experience, we possess a deep understanding of the unique challenges that peak seasons pose. CIRRO has refined its strategies, fine-tuning its operations to manage every link of the logistics process.

Contact CIRRO E-Commerce today to kick off your hassle-free peak season!