June 25, 2024

Unlock the U.S. health supplement market: trends & logistics

Are you selling health supplements online? If so, you are likely eyeing the vast opportunities in the U.S. market. With 74% of consumers incorporating supplements into their daily routines, tapping into this thriving market can drive your business. This blog post will navigate you through the landscape of the U.S. market, revealing key entry points for selling your products and shipping strategies to elevate your brand.

Understanding the U.S. supplement market 2023

The U.S. supplement market is booming! Vitamins lead the pack with 40.3% of the share, and herbal supplements are growing the fastest. Euromonitor reports a 62% increase in mood and relaxation claims year over year. Americans are prioritizing their wellness more than ever.

U.S. Supplement market overview

Supplement usage among U.S. consumers

Americans love their daily supplements! 38% of them take one or more each day, way above the global average of 26%. Why do consumers prefer supplements over food and beverages? They can customize their nutrient intake and enjoy the quicker absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. In North America, 27% use supplements for a physical boost, while 34% rely on them for mental and emotional wellness.

When it comes to shopping for supplements, U.S. consumers flock to drugstores (49%), online retailers (43%), and health stores (43%). And the online market is booming, set to jump from 36.6% to 49.8% by 2028.

Prime marketplaces to sell your products

Online channels are the second most popular option when U.S. consumers purchase dietary supplements. Explore these specialized vertical marketplaces tailored specifically for selling supplements.

Bodybuilding.comFitness and bodybuilding. It offers a wide range of supplements, protein powders, and workout gear.
iHerbNatural products.It includes supplements, vitamins, and herbal remedies.
VitacostHealth and wellness products. A diverse selection of supplements, vitamins, and organic options.
Thrive MarketA curated selection of supplements, organic foods, and natural products. Its membership-based model provides access to discounted prices and exclusive deals.
GNC(General Nutrition Centers)Health and wellness products. This platform provides access to a variety of supplements and vitamins.
LuckyVitaminNatural health products. It offers a diverse selection of supplements, vitamins, and eco-friendly brands.
Swanson Health ProductsA broad range of supplements, vitamins, and natural health products.It caters to various health and wellness needs.
PureFormulasHigh-quality supplements, vitamins, and natural health products. It offers a curated selection for wellness enthusiasts.
The Vitamin ShoppeHealth and wellness. It offers a wide range of supplements, vitamins, and sports nutrition products both online and in-store.
HealthWarehousePrescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and healthcare products, including supplements and vitamins.
Natural Healthy ConceptsNatural and organic products.It offers supplements, vitamins, and personal care items for a holistic approach to wellness.
Professional Supplement CenterA selection of high-quality supplements and vitamins.
SupHubCanada’s first Health Supplement Marketplace website store.

Boost your supplement brand with efficient expedited delivery

Managing customer orders, shipping processes, and handling returns can be complex and time-consuming. Streamlining these logistical aspects is a big challenge for supplement retailers operating online.

That’s where CIRRO E-Commerce services come in. With robust infrastructure and hassle-free shipping processes, supplement retailers can streamline their operations and focus on what they do best.

Enhance your shipping experience with tailored options

  • Expedited Delivery: Enjoy 100% nationwide coverage within the U.S., with ultra delivery in just 1-3 working days.
  • Economy Delivery: Opt for a cost-effective solution, with shipments reaching their destination within 2-7 working days.
  • Canada Domestic: Extend your reach with our services offering delivery in just 1-5 days across Canada.
CIRRO E-Commerce logistics hub in the U.S.

Experience the power of an expansive network

With seven logistics hubs strategically located across the United States and one in Canada, we ensure swift order processing and delivery. Our strategic positioning translates to shorter lead times and prompt delivery.

Seamless last-mile delivery integration

Our unified API seamlessly integrates with top-tier last-mile delivery services, harnessing the strengths of multiple carriers for reliable deliveries. Enjoy bulk discount rates without compromising on speed or quality, ensuring your products reach your customers efficiently and affordably.